6 Unique Valentines Day Ideas in San Diego

Valentines Day in San Diego

Valentine’s Day 2023 is quickly approaching. If you’ve found yourself without plans and are struggling to make reservations, here are six things you can do that will be just as romantic, if not outright enjoyable. 

#1: Dining in the Dark at The Abbey

Have you ever tried a blind dining experience? Dining in the Dark at the Abbey on 5th offers a unique dining experience. You and your significant other are blindfolded while you eat a four-course meal. You can choose between red meat, seafood, or vegan options. This might be one of the most unique dining ideas for Valentine’s Day. 

#2: Create a Pop-up Picnic on the Beach

This is one of the trendiest things we’ve seen. There’s a company in San Diego called “The Pop-Up Picnic Company” that will set you up with a beautiful picnic, tables, charcuterie boards, floral arrangements, wine, a parasol, and seating. This is a top-of-the-line picnic catered in the location of your choosing. The best part? All you have to do is show up.

#3: Take a Gondola Ride Around the Coronado Cays

The Gondola Company in Coronado Cay offers rides year-round. Each Gondola seats up to six people and is $55 per person for a 50-minute ride. They even offer select wines and chocolate truffles to round out a truly romantic experience on the water. 

They’re offering a special for Valentine’s Day that includes: 

  • A private 50-minute gondola ride
  • A box of gourmet chocolate truffles from San Diego’s Eclipse Chocolate
  • Complimentary corkage if you bring your own beverage
  • A single red rose

Add-ons include a bouquet of red roses ($100) and music by a professional mandolin or violin player ($100). 

If you want to propose to your significant other, they even offer a proposal package

#4: Eat at the Eclipse Chocolate Bar, Bistro, and Bodega 

The Eclipse Chocolate Bar, Bistro, and Bodega have chocolates that you can buy as well as a full restaurant. They even offer an experience where you can make your own chocolate bars. They have a chocolatier come out with different types of chocolates and fillings that you can choose to craft your own unique chocolate bar. Then they make it right in front of you. Courtney has nothing but good things to say about this experience. 

#5: Go Horseback Riding at Pony Land in Imperial Beach

If you love horseback riding, Pony Land offers a two-and-a-half-hour guided horseback riding excursion on the beach. They offer trail riding as well. They’ll take photos of you and your significant other so you can prove that you were on the beach. This could also be a family-friendly Valentine’s Day experience.

#6: Experience Fine Dining at the Addison in Fairmont Grand Del Mar

This is easily the most expensive option on our list but the culinary experience is incredible. The Addison is San Diego’s only three-star Michelin restaurant. People travel from all over the United States to eat here. The Addison offers a set menu with wine pairings for $350 per person for the base level. If you want truffles or Wagyu beef, they’re available for an upgrade. This is a great way to impress your special someone. 

Other Events Happening in San Diego in February

These events aren’t necessarily Valentine’s related but are certainly worth checking out.

  1. Museum Month: You can get up to 50% off over 60 different museums in San Diego during the month of February
  2. Winter Whale Watching: 20,000 gray whales migrate through the area in February. You can spot them from whale watching boats and even on the Pacific Beach Pier. January-April is prime whale-watching season. 
  3. The San Diego Legion: The San Diego Legion is San Diego’s professional rugby team. This will be their first season at Snapdragon Stadium. If you’re a rugby fan, check out a game! Fun fact: I played rugby in high school. 
  4. The Sound at Del Mar Fairgrounds: We have a whole new music venue! The Sound can seat up to 1,900 people. Ziggy Marley will headline the first show. Steve Aoki, The Flaming Lips, Jason Mraz, and other big names will also be playing. 
  5. The San Diego Padres Fanfest: This FREE event kicks off February 5th—but only for season ticket holders. Every big name on the Padres roster will be here. 

What is your favorite idea on the list? Let us know if you try one of them!